Auto Attendant Systems

An Automated Attendant is probably one of the most common applications in the Computer Telephony industry. Working alone or in conjunction with a live user or operator, the Auto Attendant answers all calls and route callers to specific extensions and departments, or provide them menus... More »

Automated Dialing Systems

An Automated Dialing, Preview or Predictive Dialing application is an automated application capable of making large quantities of outbound calls. This is very similar to an Automated Outbound Telemarketing System except that these are not mainly used for telemarketing... More »

Call Center Systems

IVRExpert provides call centre applications. Call centre systems are deployed in a centralized location or contact center where queries about products, services, problem reporting and tracking and a lot of other customer oriented support may be provided... More »

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an umbrella term for a variety of applications which provides a Telephony interface for all callers to interact with computer databases using touch-tone keys or voice commands by way of Speech Recognition... More »

Outbound Telemarketing Systems

Text-to-Speech (TTS) is Technology which enables the conversion of text information into synthetic speech output. This technology has become so advanced that the speech outputs derived after the conversion of text to speech sound almost human... More »


Automated Dialing Systems

An automated dialing, preview or predictive dialing application is an automated application capable of making large quantities of outbound calls. This is very similar to an automated outbound telemarketing system except that these are not mainly used for telemarketing.

easypbx, computing, ivr expert, virtual pabx, virtual telephone, auto attendant, ivrexpert, ivr, easycall,, auto dialer, voicemail, music on hold, call centre, call distribution, call forwardingOther uses of automated dialing systems include keeping track of, as well as monitoring a company’s existing customers. In preview mode, agents can preview customer information before a call is initiated.

For example, using EasyCall, you can get reports of calls made, view a list of qualified leads and also a list of those that are not interested. You can also listen to call back requests from qualified leads, then call them back or send them additional information about your products or services.

A predictive dialing system makes an automated outbound call and then passes any call that is answered to the customer service representative along with the customer’s information on a computer screen. This way, the customer service representative can then proceed to speak with the client with enough information at hand.

These systems are used notably by finance houses, credit agencies and debt recovery companies to keep track of their customers and monitor their accounts. They are also used in many other areas of commerce and industry.

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